Polymorphisms in the interleukin-10 gene and chronic periodontitis in patients with atherosclerotic and aortic aneurysmal vascular diseases Zahra Armingohar, Jørgen J. Jørgensen, Anne K. Kristoffersen, Karl Schenck, Zlatko Dembic
The hidden ‘mycobacteriome’ of the human healthy oral cavity and upper respiratory tract Lilia Macovei, Jon McCafferty, Tsute Chen, Flavia Teles, Hatice Hasturk, Bruce J. Paster, Antonio Campos-Neto
Modulation of host responses by oral commensal bacteria Deirdre A. Devine, Philip D. Marsh, Josephine Meade
Pulp and plaque microbiotas of children with severe early childhood caries Natalia I. Chalmers, Kevin Oh, Christopher V. Hughes, Nooruddin Pradhan, Eleni Kanasi, Ygal Ehrlich Ehrlich, Floyd E. Dewhirst, Anne C.R. Tanner
Rapid identification of oral Actinomyces species cultivated from subgingival biofilm by MALDI-TOF-MS Catalina S, Stingu, Toralf Borgmann, Arne C. Rodloff, Paul Vielkind, Holger Jentsch, Wolfgang Schellenberger, Klaus Eschrich
Salivary concentration of the antimicrobial peptide LL-37 in patients with oral lichen planus Sotiria Davidopoulou, Haris Theodoridis, Konstantinos Nazer, Eftichia Kessopoulou, George Menexes, Sotirios Kalfas
Comparing the cariogenic species Streptococcus sobrinus and S. mutans on whole genome level Georg Conrads, Hans J. de Soet, Lifu Song, Karsten Henne, Helena Sztajer, Irene Wagner-Döbler, An-Ping Zeng
Prospects of oral disease control in the future - an opinion Philip D. Marsh, David A. Head, Deirdre A. Devine
Role of periodontal pathogenic bacteria in RANKL-mediated bone destruction in periodontal disease Mikihito Kajiya, Gabriela Giro, Martin A Taubman, Xiaozhe Han, Marcia P. A. Mayer, Toshihisa Kawai
Pathogenesis and treatment of oral candidosis David Williams, Michael Lewis
Cryptic <em>Streptococcus mutans</em> 5.6-kb plasmids encode a toxinantitoxin system for plasmid stabilization Anke Rheinberg, Izabela Jadwiga Swierzy, Tuan Dung Nguyen, Hans-Peter Horz, Georg Conrads
Pyrosequencing as a tool for better understanding of human microbiomes José F. Siqueira, Ashraf F. Fouad, Isabela N. Rôças
Analysis of microbiota associated with peri-implantitis using 16S rRNA gene clone library Tatsuro Koyanagi, Mitsuo Sakamoto, Yasuo Takeuchi, Moriya Ohkuma, Yuichi Izumi


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