Concordance of HOMIM and HOMINGS technologies in the microbiome analysis of clinical samples Jean-Luc C. Mougeot, Craig B. Stevens, Sean L. Cotton, Darla S. Morton, Keerthana Krishnan, Michael T. Brennan, Peter B. Lockhart, Bruce J. Paster, Farah K. Bahrani Mougeot
Red fluorescent biofilm: the thick, the old, and the cariogenic Catherine M.C. Volgenant, Michel A. Hoogenkamp, Mark J. Buijs, Egija Zaura, Jacob (Bob) M. ten Cate, Monique H. van der Veen
Comparative analysis of bacterial profiles in unstimulated and stimulated saliva samples Daniel Belstrøm, Palle Holmstrup, Allan Bardow, Alexis Kokaras, Nils-Erik Fiehn, Bruce J. Paster
Oral microbiota species in acute apical endodontic abscesses Noelle George, Erin Flamiatos, Kellie Kawasaki, Namgu Kim, Charles Carriere, Brian Phan, Raphael Joseph, Shay Strauss, Richie Kohli, Dongseok Choi, J. Craig Baumgartner, Christine Sedgley, Tom Maier, Curtis A. Machida
Diversity and antifungal susceptibility of Norwegian Candida glabrata clinical isolates Kari-Mette Andersen, Anne Karin Kristoffersen, André Ingebretsen, Katharina Johnsen Vikholt, Ulf Thore Örtengren, Ingar Olsen, Morten Enersen, Peter Gaustad
Cryptic Streptococcus mutans 5.6-kb plasmids encode a toxinantitoxin system for plasmid stabilization Anke Rheinberg, Izabela Jadwiga Swierzy, Tuan Dung Nguyen, Hans-Peter Horz, Georg Conrads
Role of periodontal pathogenic bacteria in RANKL-mediated bone destruction in periodontal disease Mikihito Kajiya, Gabriela Giro, Martin A Taubman, Xiaozhe Han, Marcia P. A. Mayer, Toshihisa Kawai
Pathogenesis and treatment of oral candidosis David Williams, Michael Lewis
Bacterial profiles of saliva in relation to diet, lifestyle factors, and socioeconomic status Daniel Belstrøm, Palle Holmstrup, Claus H. Nielsen, Nikolai Kirkby, Svante Twetman, Berit L. Heitmann, Vanja Klepac-Ceraj, Bruce J. Paster, Nils-Erik Fiehn

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